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Cager swerves into motorcyclists - "I don't care"

Watch on Youtube

I'm disgusted about this guy hitting bikers on purpuse and then saying "I don't care".
What has this world come to?
There is a 2nd part



That's is messed up, big time. They need there ass kicked

I give kudos to the 2nd biker who went and talked to the old fool who deliberately crossed a double yellow line to hit the biker. He restrained himself from beating the holy shit out of the old fool. He was smart and took the guys license plate and had his comments on the vid. I suspect the cager will be facing some pretty serious charges. Hopefully put his ass in jail for a while.
- The biker did pass on a double yellow line, but still no reason for the car to swerve into them and take him out. They weren't doing a thing to him

What a jerk !! He could of killed them. I hope the SUV called 911.

OMG!! Is the passenger alright? They look awful hurt!
Although they were passing on a double yellow there was plenty of room. There was no reason for the car to do that. Damn old hick!!

Need to click on part 2 at the end of the video to see and hear the rest of it.

I watched part 2. That just pissed me off!! Dumb ass Hay Seed !!

Crossed the double yellow line but what the old guy did, he hit him on purpose, that's nearly the same as trying to kill somebody! What the old man said is even worse: "I don't care!" That surely doesn't help him when it's going to a judge. I don't know about the USA law but it's all on tape. I'm curious about the punishment the old man got.... I would say at least never allow him to drive a car ever again and who knows...... a period in jail?

He does need some kind of punishment, that's for sure

I don't think this is canceling fouls as in football. What the old Bastard did is aggressive driving and attempted manslaughter. He will find himself before a judge and "I don't care" wont go far at all. As a matter of fact that will get him bigger and better penalties. Maybe an ass whipping out back with a crow bar.

hopefully he gets a good ass whipping in the pen. night after night. I'm sure there are a few bikers in there that would let him know it is not ok to deliberately side swipe a bike with a car.

What Capt said

That's a start. Glad to hear that

hope they throw the book at him. Accidents do happen, we are all to well aware of that. But for someone to do such a thing intentionally and not care is just so bad!!

Yeah, it got ratcheted up a notch.

Amazing what having something blasted all over the internet can do

Karma will get that bloke.

What a jerk!

He might get "rear ended" in prison.

He should be!!!


Bug bite....Right! If he hasn't by now there's got to be some MC 1% ers waiting to invite him to a corner where no body sees. He'll get a bug bite all right.

Apparently, this is not "Mr. Crum's" first rodeo...

This guy sounds like a real "nut case" that needs to be on some heavy duty meds and if he won't take them, then lock him up before he does kill someone.

This guy sounds like a real "nut case" that needs to be on some heavy duty meds and if he won't take them, then lock him up before he does kill someone.

That made an interesting read Go-Daddy. He needs more then supervision.

Yha. Like the kind he would get 24/7/365 somewhere safe

I think, those days, more and more people try to force a law to others. Sometimes I also show to drivers if they drive without daily run lights (mandatory in many countries in EU), but I would never put on risk others life during such instruction. In US many people have a gun, so what would be a next, shooting at someone on bike because he/she overtook in a wrong place?

You make a good point Martines, Many people here have guns, including myself.. There are many responsible gun owners and only a few crazies out there. Unfortunately the crazies are the ones that get all the press...

Yes you are right Martines, it is a sad fact that the US society is turning ugly with road rage incidents ending in violence, just the other day a four year child was killed in the car while the driver of the other car shot at them. I used to get pissed off if someone pulled in front of me, would follow them, and give them a reminder to look more closely before pulling out, but don't do that anymore just because of the above situation.
Society is becoming eroded due to the big gap in income disparities, when people are stressing just to stay alive, they react just like an animal being cornered, they last back out. We no longer have a strong middle class to balance society. The people at the bottom of the scale are angered because the top 1-2% control everything else. One will take "bullying" only so long before one will lash back out. Then to top this all off, there is very little money for mental counseling in the US. Very few insurance policies will give any meaningful benefits.

No kidding on the insurance thing... I am required to have insurance or face fines from the government. And the best insurance I can afford I have to pay $5000 out of pocket before the insurance will pay a dime. Hence I cant even go to the doctor when I'm sick....

Where I work, we have high deductibles. But not like yours Valerie

Can I come work by you?? I'm getting older and starting to fall apart. I need insurance

Valerie, you need to come work where I work. We have tremendous benefits. Asante takes care of it's employees. and it even has mental health coverage.

Do they need a short RN with a big attitude???

Our medical is not the best. But dental and vision is good

Hmm.... I hope you all know that you have a huge problem with your health system since years.
For example, in Switzerland health insurance is mandatory for everyone (including kids) and you need to select one of the companies from the open market. Once you're insured, they cover all medical invoiced by 90% and you will pay only 10%. In case of accident, everything is covered by the insurance company, however dental care is never included in this basic insurance, so for that you cover everything or you sign for complementary dental insurance. This is not an ideal system, but I assume is much better than yours.

Yeah medical is better. But is it your taxes high?

Well, tax system in Switzerland is one of the lowest in Europe, depending on your family status and earnings, but top is almost 30%.

I did not know that Martines. That doesn't sound to bad

Your health care is so much better there. As far as taxes go they take 25% right off the top from me so I don't think its any worse there than here

Yeah I'm paying in the towards the top percent and just lucky the company I work for has great benefits. That is not always the case for others paying the top percent. It is sad that there are a number of people who have gone into bankruptcy and lost their homes was due to major medical issue that they didn't have insurance coverage for.

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