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Calgary Bike Show

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So, at the end there's a few CC members. Can you find'em?



Another great show. Lots of bikes and together with friends and family.

definitely a bunch of bikes there I wouldn't mine having.

Nice selection of old and new

Great presentation.

Even if I was young and stupid there is no way I would be jumping the bikes and doing somersaults in mid-air especially over a concrete floor - great way to break your spine - I suppose the thrills are great - but you very rarely hear about or see the spills - I wonder how many have finished up in a wheelchair?
Rest of the show was good - enjoyable as they usually are - some nice customs in the mix as well ....

Awesome video JJ. Some very talented riders there and the bike display was great.

Nice little vid JJ. Lot’s of new bikes and good to see you still go together with some other CC friends...

Great vid and those summersalts are crazy, but well executed

Excellent video JJ. Have you signed up for the Ride For Dad yet?

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