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Cann’t wait for next spring, few months to go...


ALL GOOD GERT - Was that Frank Sinatra singing that song ??? It sorta sounded like him but not sure - I have an album Frank made in 1997 called "MY WAY - The Best of Frank Sinatra" - he never sounded better than that recording on the CD - He sounds incredible - giving every song everything he has - putting so much emotion into every song ..
Cheers & Ride Safe ...
frostbite (Greg)

Nicely done Gert. I can't wait for Spring to come either.

I'm footage from the summer. Once I get done with some of my woodworking projects and have some days off will go through some old video and produce some more clips. Speaking of woodworking, heading out to the garage to paint my latest project. Making a locking package delivery box to put out front. Have had a package taken that was delivered. Also get video security cameras put up also.

Greg, it’s a Dutchie singing a song from Frank Sinatra. His name is Jan Versteegh.

Nice angles, Gret. Wish the weather could be like that year round. Glad you didn't loose your camera

Very nice ride and video..

Weather looked perfect, nice vid and music. Have a great New Year Gert. Safe riding.

Ray, the weather was great at that moment. This are old tapes. Thanks for the wishes, same to you!

Nice array of angle settings Gert.

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