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CC Members On My Kitchen Rules

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Woody texted me the other night saying he saw me on TV in My Kitchen Rules. I didn't believe him because I couldn't because I was nowhere where the show was recorded. I switched channels near the end of the show and it was recorded back in October last year at the Marconi Club where the annual Pink Ribbon Ride was held. I copied a rerun and found the parts that we were in and made a little video. 




Yes, both of you are there and very clear on tape! I don't know for sure because you never prepared a meal for me, but some little voice tells me I must be happy you're only visable on your bike and not while cooking in this competition!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

The ride went to Picton bowling club and we had eats there.
It was a great day as always.
$40,000 was raised.

Well blow me down with a feather . I watched that episode and I caught a glimpse of a bloke and thought, gee that looks like Terry ... and it was (the second shot).

Well I'll be.....My wife watches that show, so guess what? I watch it also! ...and I said to my missus the other night "that looks like Tezza"! "Who looks like Tezza" she replies, the biker looking dood in pink and eating a pink meringue.....Lol !!!
Btw, good cause and I really did think I saw you!

A star was born

Oh My I know a TV star!!!
That's kind of cool

As always a great cause. Fantastic day, and CC members on the world stage, now it doesn't get better than that. Thank's Tezza.

Thanks guys. Especially woody for contacting me.

Big Brother is definitely watching you lot

How cool is that!!!!

Nothing wrong with Woody's eye sight. It is good to be on TV for a cause like that versus being on TV for your arrest if any one sees you.

That was cool!
Is Tezza going on Big Brother next Matt?
No turkey slaps Tezza!

Ha ha. Good one Steve but no.

You are celebrity now huh?


For a little while only.

Hey Terry are you feeling ?

Not too bad Peter. Stuck in bed since midday yesterday. Op went ok but the drains from both knees were still leaking and physio was a concern so they postponed it till early in the morning and hope to be walking tomorrow with walking aids.

Hope it continues to go well ...

Hope it all goes well.

Hang in there.

4 walks today and a shower. So far so good thanks to the pain killers and the fact that I'd prepared the strength of my legs for the last 5 months.

That's good progress Tezza.
Slow and steady wins the race.

And I can go home tomorrow if all is ok.

Glad to hear that Terry.

Mainly because of all the prework of hydrotherapy and weight loss over the last 6 months.

15 seconds of fame tezza , for all 3 of you . Great cause and good on you , Ray and Paul .

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