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CCC Ararat Get together, The Grampions

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A short 13.2 km ride on roads behind the mail township of Hall's Gap in the Grampians region of Victoria. The video is run at twice actual speed so you can view the entire section in a reasonable time frame. Most is two way traffic although there is a small section in the middle that is one way.

Peter May and Shaun also joined us but I could not find their CCC member names. Fran and Chris Carr were on a different run.


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Nice ride Norm. lots of leafy litter on the road that keeps you on your toes. Graet ride.

Great ride Norman, and with good friends, nothing better than that.

Top looking riding roads there Norman, must do that one day.

Nice curves. Looks like good weather. Nice video. Thanks for the ride

NICE ROAD!!! what a great ride....


That road looked alot like the road up towards our Galice Reservoir. Some very tight turns, narrow one way traffic, and possible debris on the road. Thanks for posting it. Wish I could speed up my work day like this.

\what a great twisty road. glad you told us you posted at double speed or I might have been worried about your safety

Thanks guys. Credit goes to Dim and Adam because they knew the road and led us for that part of the day. I sped up the video to reduce the time so people would actually watch form start to finish and also allow a quicker upload to Vimio where I had been limited to 10 minute clips. I splashed out yesterday and paid the $69 to upload bigger videos and I have a few backlogged that I have not been able to edit.

Thanks Norman ... that was a great bit of road and a great road ... except for that dimwit who was driving against the traffic in the One Way section of road.

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