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CCC Aussie Harlem Shake

Watch on Youtube

Lethalas came up with the idea that we could do the Harlem Shake on our CC Rally in Angaston this year. We had lots of good sports who joined in the fun and this is the result!!! Smiley-laughing



Thank god I wasn't in that!
I can't believe Marek came all the way over for that then went home again tho!

And to think..... no alcohol was involved in the making of that video...... LOL

Great fun was had by all. Especially the pole dancers.

LOVE it Dim

O........ M......... F......reakin´....G!!!!!!!

THAT was the best Bit of video, dance and crowd I ever seen IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Aussies! YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it co-stared Marek lol

I can´t stop watching it!!!!!!!!

 photo chikin.gif

 photo yoda2.gif

Special thanks to Lethalas and Tezza for developing the idea, and to Nursezak for helping us rope in the crowd to join in and make it a hilariously fun video! Smiley-laughing

It made my day!!!!

Too funny!!

That was too funny!
Lee and Tezza......something is just not right....

Don´t listen to him mates!

Lee and Tezza - It was JUST RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did Tezza tell you dancing gives him wind?

I see the "Jack and Coopers" had taken affect...... nice to see everyone let there hair down. Lol.

hilarious. Looks like a crazy time was had

wow what a bloody idiot front man lol

that was great fun thanks one and all for that

Lets change the saying to "white men can't dance". Very funny.

Hilarious!! Really good stuff!!! Fantastic pole dancer's...

Looks like Phil was liberal when handing out his pills that evening!
Was Maerk in stripes? What did you to to get put in jail Marek? A naked harlem shake?

HAHAH This is way too awesome! Thanks for making one!

that was funny.

You all are just too much! That was funny!

that just gets better each time you watch it.. i told chevy 32..... about it

Great stuff , you know I remember some of Tezzas moves fro the movie Saturday night fever , John Travolta would be as jealous as all hell if he saw that . Lee , you will be on dancing with the stars next .

Tilly Tezza wasnt Dancing..... he had wind!

Just watched again on the big screen. Mental! Smiley-laughing

LOL you lot are crazy. I did like that Emu moves. absolutely hilarious!

I wanna see "director´s uncut" version!!!!!!!!

no mate you dont want to see that V.P it was bad anoth to put there clothes back on lmstao

I wanna see!!!!

Wish we were much fun Be safe o^'o

Only now I had a chance to watch it on pC (not smartphone) screen and with sound... my stomach aches of laughter you bunch of ... eh.... um.... you bunch of you ! lol

OMG! ROTFLMAO!! HaHaHaHaHa. That was incredibly funny and you all are great sports!! Glad to see Marek made it there too!

The clip made it to the CC sales email I got yesterday. You're all world famous beyond CCC.

I have trouble believing no alcohol was involved Smiley-wink

and if no alcohol was involved in that one, what would the other one be like. Totally made my day.

Ok..I admit it....there was plenty of grog..... Smiley-laughing

The truth comes out... Of course we waited till they were fed and watered before even suggesting this clip! Although this crazy bunch'd be up for just about anything I'm convinced now, drunk or sober.

thats very true

I've seen it..... but I may be hallucinating! LOL

OMG!!! That was too much!!!!!! Oh crap my stomach muscles hurt, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

You should be there FB and FB!!!!!!
U should be there!!!

LOL Too funny

Yes Marek, I danced that way LONG before it was a popular YouTube thingLOL!!!

I saw it on MTV FB!!! Was that YOU?????

funny as!

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