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CCC trip Day 1 heading out.

Leaving Pasco WA and heading down to Pendelton OR.  on the old Hy 730 west and HY 37 S. 



Own Video: 





Nice Scenery and a Nice Lollipop Lady too Smiley-laughing
Cheers & Ride Safe .....

Seeing that smooth water makes me want to go water skiing. Something we never had much of on the Missouri River growing up in South Dakota. The wind usually had waves on it. At times they were 2-4 foot waves.

that was a great first day's ride.

Beautiful scenery.
Camera date needs to be updated.

tezza,, I can't figure the date thing out.We did have a good first days ride.

I swear on these Go Pro knock offs, one can have the date correct than all of sudden they revert back to factory settings. could be from pushing the wrong button one too many times

Nice ride around the lake. It looks so peaceful and great weather

Lucky this is not a lake. It is the Columbia River it is two miles wide and 130 ft deep in places. Has fish over 10-20 ft long. You have to toss the six foot ones back .There are two large rivers here, three small ones.The big ones are Snake and Columbia Rivers. The small ones are Yakima and Walla Walla and Umitilla Rivers. There are many more down river but that is what is here with in 25 mile radius. NO Crocs or Gators and nothing poisonous . Lots of fishing and boating ,camping. The only downside is we only get 4-6in of rain yearly and the temps are 110F now. Nothing green, no trees just sand and HOT and COLD in the winter.

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