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CCC Video Comp Reminder

Competion Closes 6 February 2010

Voting Begins 8 February 2010

Voting Closes 12 February 2010

Winners Announced 13 February 2010



thank for the remberdr of the day as i have 1 in the contest i will say no more just wish all the best

i have listened and understood Sir Robin

So , my next questions are  .... does the next segment of video wars a] start on the 14th Aussi calander or b] the 13th USA calander ?

Let us not forget that those of you wich walk on ''The Land Down Under'' are 14 plus hours ahead of yhe USA wich is 8 hours behind Europe wich is  ..... oh heck I am not about to figure out the world time zone.

Just a tid bit to ponder upon !

                                            J W aka ynkmup

It will finish on the 6th February where ever you are. Even on the moon where Clyde lives and oversees Australia.

Hello from France.

You have lost your way in life Your a real PRO!.

Keep the grey coming long and slow

And Mildura starts on te 9th April and finishes when the last beer is drunk.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

What the hell are you on Phil. Or are you going to submit a video for April?

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