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CCC Yellowstone ride. #1

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Just riding to the south enterance of Titon National park and Yellowstone National park.



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It was a great ride

Yes 50 F, but didn't really feel like it. When it's 50 F here it's usually a damp 50 F witch makes it feel cooler. It was a great ride. We had a lot of fun. Nice addition with Santana

I'm always wondering about the space and the long straight and empty roads you guys from US have to go to get somewhere...

Nice ride Wayne!

Gert, these roads had twisties in them and mountains. Very nice change than what I'm used to

Yes long straights, then some curves, nothing really too terribly twisties (going up Mt Diablo near Castro Valley, that had what I call twisties [25 mph actual hairpin curves]). 50F, just need to dress for it. Prefer that versus the 90+ F.

Cool ride. I see you are a Santana fan.

I have all the records and several CD's Santana is good to just set and listen to. The hwy is OR 84 south. It is just a straight concrete slab. The quickest way to get from one point to another. Things are kind of far apart around here

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