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Chetwynd Ride..

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I was invited to my friends place in Chetwynd for a BBQ. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes one way from home. We had BBQ sirloin steaks, corn on the cob and the works. It was very relaxing. The chainsaw carvings are a yearly event. In fact they are on this weekend. The carvers come from as far as Japan and other places, as well as localy.


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The ride was great. The carvings man those guys have some skills. Good you got to ride on such a nice day.. and food.. with friends WIN WIN don't you think..

those carvings are crazy!!! Why is ther never any traffic where you ride. I'm jealous LOL. Nice vid and great music

Oh there's traffic Val. I just seem to edit it out. LOL. Those carvings are all through the town. You can buy some the carvers make at the carving site.

definitely some nice carvings. wouldn't mind having some, but knowing they aren't free and aren't overly low price, guess I'll do without. Curves are are all relative, I suspect most that have gone off them are usually pushing the speed faster than one's ability. Or all of a sudden unexpected crap in them. Had that today at a stop area. Have gone through the area a number of times, but now have gravel trucks coming out of an area just before it thus this fine pebbly sand there. Made it rather treacherous. If any bikers weren't paying attention and thought they could stop easily would be making a big mistake.
Nice to see you are getting some riding time in.

I'm with everyone else on the carvings. Nice ride and tunes

Great Vid Bill - The roads look to be fairly reasonable over there ... Hope the Steaks were enjoyed and maybe washed down with a cold beer ??? Those Wood carvings were pretty damn good too ... I just like making firewood when I used to own a saw ..... Many Years ago now ... Where does TIME GO ? Any Ideas on that one ?
Cheers & Ride Safe .....

What a beautiful vid and ride Bill! I really enjoyed watching this vid. Nice roads. Well done!!! Enjoy your always short season!!!!

Thanks everyone.
I often wonder that myself frostbite.

As they say, time waits for no one.

Nice video, it's always good to have a place to ride to, where there is a good steak with beer waiting. Your roads are a little curvy and quite wide, which I think is preferable. Wood carving is a pretty big thing here too, they are good at it. Ride Safe

Thanks Thom. You ride safe too.

Go Chuck go. Good one Bill

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