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Christmas Eve Ride

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A morning ride to Bargo.



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I think what you call servo is misnamed, they do not "serve" gas like we have here in Oregon. It is actually against the last to pump your own gas. We have attendants do it, thus they are "serving" gas, that is unless you are on your bike, then they had you the gas hose and you pump in the gas. They know not to spill gas on your bike.
- How old is Oran City? How did it get established?
- My Xmas lights video was definitely "cooler" temp wise.

Looked like a very warm day. Wish I could ride on Christmas Eve here. Great vid Tezza. Most places, if not all are self serve here now. You either have to pre-pay or use your credit card at the pump first.

Another great ride for us in the cold and snow.. Thanks tezza , Like your tunes too.

Randy, every servo I've been to for as long as I can remember have been self serve.
Oran Park used to be farm land and in the middle was a popular racing track for cars etc.
This link may give you some info on Oran Park.

Thanks Bill and Wayne.

Perfect day for a ride, sorry I missed out. Always like Bargo ride but not as exciting anymore since Trailors girl friend has left. She had the magic. LOL.

Beautiful day by the look of it

You're right Ray. It's not the same. But it is a good ride.

Sorry I had to miss this ride, we were putting a trampoline up for the grandkids.
For those that do not know, the massive works and emergence of new satellite cities in our western area is in preparation for Sydney's 2nd airport.

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