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Custom Fabricated Air Filter Cover

I decided since you dont have too many options other than a BAK for the 2009 c50, that I was going to make my own. I got an idea as to what I wanted, made a template, and got to work. I am extremely pleased with the final outcome. I should get a little boost since the engine will breathe easier, although I do plan on tweaking my FI2000 now. I also LOVE the fact that it is ONE OF A KIND, and you can't just go out and by this. I thought I would post this in case someone else was thinking of doing anything similar. 




Nice job bud.

Looks good

Great job !

Very nice! I like what you've done. Check out the GMan Industries Stealth Intake. It'll give you the gains of a high performance filter, and allow you to use your custom cover.

dude that rocks!!!!!!!!!

Nice work ****

CoolThat's a great job. Looks great with the pipes..Cool

Awesome job Vman!  Goes perfectly with the rest of the bike!  Beautiful!

Love it

Damn good job, it looks sharp.

Nice job!

Great idea and terrific job on the fabrication!  It suits the bike plus you have the satisfaction that you made it yourself.  Excellent!

very cool!!  Well Done!

Very well done mate!

Very nicely done; very professional; looks great! How did you manage to fabricate such a complicated shape?

Cool! Would be good to see how you made this.

Thanks for posting. It looks great Smiley-laughing

Great job, looks GREAT! Go out and ride SAFE and enjoy...CoolProud of My Heritage

Nice job! Looks Great!

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