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Damn Cat

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I'll laugh at anything these days



Hey Val, she is practicing her martial arts Krav Maga, punch, punch, punch.

LOL. Cats will be cats.

If it moves - they want to whack it Smiley-laughing

A typical playful cat.

Scratches on your car!!! LOL

Damn cat is right, lol

cats are okay as long as they are out of my house and my yard

I love the independent attitude of cats. They remind me so someone

You must be looking in the mirror Valerie. LOL

This figures . My in laws cat was named DC. Stood for Damn Cat.

I can relate Capt.
Do you think so Randy

Siamese? Very intelligent cats !

She outsmarted me all the time

Any time you try to correct a cat. You make them find a way to better out smart you. Damn cat!

So true

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