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Different Drummer Indeed!

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Just had to share this. Enjoy.



Wow!! Some wild looking creations.

There is some very strange fellows out there.

Good Value - I did recognise one bike in the vid - at 5:39, the Start Up of the Rolls Royce Merlin V-Twin 5000cc, that was built by a guy in NSW - I can't remember his first name, but he went by the Name of 'Lucky Kaiser' - he had an engineering shop out in the mid west of the state Grifith or Dubbo - Somewhere out in the rural area, he cut the first 2 cyclinders off a Merlin Aircraft engine and machined it up and built it from there - it has a Suzuki GS 1000 front end in it and it did have a 3 speed Gearbox out of a early Holden car (GMH), I have a write up about it that I cut out of a bike magazine years ago - I wondered where it got too ? This could be Old footage too ...
Anyway just brought a few memories back for me ....
Cheers Edwins - Keep 'em coming ...
Ride Safe ...

That's some wild looking stuff.

Some interesting, unusual and wayout bikes/vehicles in that video. Saved to my favourites.

Great creations ... !! Personally, I’ll take the bike with the V10 Viper motor.

Wow! Some of these were definitely made from whatever was laying around.

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