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Driving Lights

I've wanted driving lights for a long time but all the ones I found were so big for my little bike. I found these and I love them. They really light up the area ahead of me, May well save the life of some furry little critter. (and me)



COOL Val... You got it all wired up and they WORK. Good job. You may just have to open your own shop make some side $$$

Lots of extra light, I have about the same on my little Honda to be a bit more visable during my winterrides when it's not so light and bright as it is during summer. Just little Led lights, but they do their job. I can see more and I'm better visable for the other traffic... Good job, glad you found the right ones, the ones you wanted.

.... And hey Val...
Did you bring your bike outside the door yourself? Please take care and let it all heal first you stubborn lady!!! LOL

Plenty of light there for night riding Val. Job well done.
Now pay attention to what Gert said about taking care of yourself.
But I would have said young lady. Smiley-wink

Good job Valerie. They do make it brighter. Are they LED lights?

The heck you say Wayne!!!
No Terry Gert is right I am stubborn. LOL
Gert I took it out myself and then had a hell of a time sleeping cause I got a rib hurting again. But I had to get the lights aimed!!!!! Tell them Wayne, sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do...
They are nice and bright. Made by th e supper bright company. Nice LED only pull 20w as a set and put out 7000 lu each

And Terry.... I didn't mention old, only stubborn!!! LOL

Great work Val! You are right, sometimes you just want to do what you want to do, no matter what! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Very nice. Maybe I should mount some on the sidecar, Hmmmmm?

Nice job Val. Now you can come up and set me up too. Maryland crab feast and beer very possible.

Go for it Edwin. Make them look like eyes with big lashes and such LOL
Once was enough Capt. but thanks for the offer

I had thought about putting one on the same level as the headlight on the outside of the sidecar so I look like a car to on coming traffic

LOL that would surprise some people

Oops. I wasn't wearing glasses Gert.

They look great Val. But be careful with those ribs!!

I'm glad I had Wayne help me put LED driving lights on the Rebel. Like you say, it definitely lights up the road better at night when I am riding to or home from work. Also makes cagers notice me more. Actually have had a few flip their brights at me, Yes, they saw me.

I'm glad I had Wayne to tell me how to wire them

I'm glad I had someone do it, lol

P. S. As I watched

LOL, Allen.

good job Valerie

Nice job Val. they certainly light up the road. Every bit counts.

Thanks Raymond
I love them and as you say every little bit helps

Hope your recovering well, hope to see you out and about soon. Take care.

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