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Early Morning Ride

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A ride before the temperature rises to record levels.



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Nice ride. Stay hydrated. Heatstroke sucks.

Glad you got out! That day was a stinker!

The first light you guys came to was a quick light. The weather looked good. Glad you guys could get together for a ride. Nice video

Nice ride and looks to be a great place to meet up. Very sunny too.

So is the Pie in the Sky actually at the top of the pass?
Had a nice balance of Indians and non Indians.

Looks like a great ride!

A few years ago, a couple of friends and I rode out at 4:00AM to beat the heat. We road to Wichita, Kansas -- about 570 Miles (917 km) -- and got there around 3:00PM. The temp was 103˚ F (39˚C). We all took naps and then rode to dinner right around sunset. The high temp in Wichita that day was 109˚ F (43˚C), so we did beat the heat by just a little!

Top flick Tezza and it was a very enjoyable ride too.

No Randy. A few more kilometres further on.

That's a high temp Charlie especially that distance. at least the sun was gone for your night trip.
We've done a wild hogs in temps around 43'C and that was an adventure.
That ride on Saturday would have been hard at 47.3"C.

Thanks guys.

at 38 C, 100 F I start looking for a hotel to check into. Me and the high heat don't function very well as I have gotten older. That is why I invested in the cooler vest system.

30 C temps are about all I can handle. Your kind of heat is a little to much for this northerner. Glad you guys made an early "cool" morning catch up.

Nice vid Tezza, pies on a hot day...there's an Aussie for ya.

Nice vid Tezza. that was a hot weekend. A/C a must. Great quality by the way, very clear and no shaking.

High temps I can handle for short periods as long as the humity is low.

Yes I too hate the humidity.

Yeah, the humidity is a killer.

Bill, I don't know about it being a killer, just uncomfortable. It does make the ladies look much younger than they are. That is what I noticed about the southeast versus the ladies in Phoenix, Arizona.

LOL Randy, I mean it can be a killer for riding. Not killer dead!!

Nice ride in the early morning - what are the 'Home Made Pies' like ? Any Good ? Cheers ...

Very nice and a good assortment.

I don't mind a good steak, bacon & cheese pie .... one of my favorites .... Cheers ....

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