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Early Spring ride, together with my brother Jan Dirk (part 1).

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Really nice video. Good to see you and Jan Dirk out together

For a small country there is sure a lot to see. Glad you and Jan Dirk are getting out together.

Great to see the brothers riding again. The contrast between the red brick and the green grass is striking

Very nice Gert. There are some old building s there. Nothing like that here.

Is the green area protected against future growth, farming, etc. like our national parks here. Keeping the land natural as a natural state.?

No Randy, it's not a national park. It has to stay as a kind of green area, nearly surrounded by the 4 big city's. There are a lot of farms, and some little villages and even e few little city's in the green hart. These city's and villages don't grow very fast like other places do in Holland. For several years ago there was a idea to make a new highway. The new highway to connect the Western part of Holland on a more easy (time saving) way with the eastern part, crossing the green hart. Big protests, and they changed plans. That's what I mean with protected area. Mostly farms, some old historical villages and little city's like I showed in my vid, Schoonhoven and Woerden... So its not a national park, but a area with a lot of farms and green, little rivers and mostly old historical buildings and that's how they want to keep this little area between the 4 big city's, Amsterdam, Rottardam, the Hague and Utrecht, named the green hart.

Places like that do need to be protected. Those are the places one needs to visit to get out of the rat race of the big cities.

Another "Discover Holland" tourism video by Gert.
I enjoyed the ride with you and Jan.

Thanks Terry, glad you enjoyed it. More to come... I've some tapes I can use to produce another vid...

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