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The Eclipse

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Whoa! That was a hoot!



Glad you liked it. I was inside at work

Me too.

I was driving around, but we only got 90 percent coverage out here, been cool in totally eclipse

WE got about 95% and had to issue out the lenses for viewing. All those GOLD welding lenses I have had worked out great. It got cool here. HI BEN

Inside working taking care of sick people. I knew someone would film it for me. thanks, Edwin.

That was pretty cool!

That was cool. I got a laugh out of the crazy soccer game going on in the park LOL

Looks like from you video you had overcast skies...bummer in that aspect. Looks like it was a full one. As you know I rode to the best spot I could find. I have experienced partial eclipses before, but full eclipses are fantastic. Considering the travel time and problems getting, being, and leaving there, I have to say it was worth it.

At some spot of this globe it wasn't visable.... So thanks for the vid Edwin!

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