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Edge Falls Road

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This is a great road. Just enough going on to keep you on your toes. A lot of it is open range so you never know if you are going to menuver around cows, goats, pigs, exotic game, or not see anything at all..



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Good video. You are right just enough to keep you on your toes. Good thing Roadie can't reach everything, no telling where you would end up at

Thanks Allen
No kiddin...He'd have crashed us for sure.

Juxt like a typical country road here in Oz. These are great to travel on

Nice vid Val and a great road to ride on, country roads are the best.

I'm not so sure I feeling the same sentiments here. That first cattle guard at 1:40 or so could be really nasty if one was taking that curve too fast. Looked to be a fair amount of sand and dirt on the edges that could easily get on the curves. Definitely not a fast riding road. We have a number of country roads very similar. Some you can ride fairly fast as they are more traveled and maintained compared to others.
-- Dennis, don't you guys have more sheep in your areas. And they throw in a few roos on top of it?

Aww common Randy. Ya can't live forever!! Smiley-laughing That particular guard is a bit slick in the least bit of moisture, and you need to catch it at just the right angle or your rear slides out on ya. Almost had a little accident the first time it happened to me... Smiley-laughing
I don't think I would like the Roo thing... They are flippin big.. And they HOP

Yes I had the same experience coming off the interstate in Wyoming with just a slight curve during a rain. Luckily I managed to keep the Speedmaster upright otherwise the car right behind would have squashed me like a bug.
Roo are no different than deer. Just gotta keep a keen eye out for them and expect them to jump in front of you.

I don't know Randy. I have never seen a boxing deer... LOL

That's a winner Val!!! I mean you're last comment.... Smiley-laughing

Great vid, I like those country side roads and I can say we have them here, sure.... We have country side, but really not the way you have them in US, Australia or even Sweden! I like the space, the free space and all those views.....

Thanks for the ride Val.... (Great music!!!)

Oh how funny

So Valerie, if you had NO choice but to fight a boxing deer or a boxing roo, which would it be?

I think I would go with the deer. They can not sit on their tail and kick you after punching you. LOL

I agree with you Valerie, dive in close (take a hit or two maybe), but have to wrap your arms around those front legs close to the body. The roo has those back legs with some nasty ripping toes.

Now that would be a good time to pull out my .380

You have to record it and post it on the site

LOL Venison at the road side.... Yummmmm

Great vid Val. Loved John Tesh.
Looks like you have Roadie under control.

Yes I have Roadie right where he wants me....
Glad you enjoyed it

nice vid,i was thinkin of getting a cam,but all you will see is traffic in front of me,ha
I want to put helium in my tires to fly over the traffic,ha

Lol. Just where do you live

Nicky is from North Jersey, NJ,+new+jersey/@40.8217562,-75.3851135,8z?hl=en,
doesn't look good Valerie, I can see why he drools about the vids out west of him

Ooooo9 I wouldn't like that

I'm with you Valerie, I hate big cities with all of the traffic congestion. Probably one of the reasons I don't visit my daughter as often up in Seattle, WA area.

Traffic does suck

Trafic works my nerves.
Picture if you will, a fat old lady on a Sportster with 3 roll bags of stuff driving through Miami talking to herself. Scary stuff that.

I thought I was the only one cusing traffic, lol

Lol Nope I do it too Smiley-laughing

I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one

I try not to get too worked up about it as there is not much one can do about but stay keen, ready to brake and swerve at any time. That being whether on a bike or car. Any time starting to feel a bit tired or stressed about it is time to find a spot and rest a bit and refresh.

Yeah Randy can't do much about it. But makes me feel some better

What Allen said

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