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End of depression?

Long time no see. I know. 

I just had something called winter deoression...



Own Video: 


Understood. Drove my truck yesterday for the first time since the 3rd of April. I wish you a glorious riding season.

I know the feeling WELL my friend. Wish you a long enjoyable riding season.

The start pf the season andit seems to be the end of wearing working clothes, all left in the beach!!!! LOL

Great vid, lovely to see you both on your bikes and enjoy a really good time and a wonderful sunny ride! Sweden, what a great country, what a space and beautiful roads... did you go for a icecream or a waffle?

And did I notice it right... was Dana wearing a hoody? OMG!!!! LOL

Welcome back Marek. We missed your video productions. It's good to see you guys out riding again.

Still the master, no doubt. Great to see you again. Great video and music. Come back more often my friend

HI marek :: Glade to see you get out of your depression. Riding the bikes will heal cure that. Was that sign language I saw from your better half.

TXS guys - I will try to be here more often... TRY...I´ll will still work almost whole summer. Only 2 X one week off during the whole season...

Great to see your back as in the forum, not actually your back as in the vid.

Great to see you and Dana out enjoying the wind, I'm soooooo happy your back!!

So nice to see the master of vids is back. I seem to recognize those bikes and some of the riding area. So nice to have seen them in person and watching you film while you ride. One does need to get out and ride frequently to keep depression at bay. Even those who don't ride still tend to have some depression during the winter months when there is not much sun.

Now that is a happy video!
I was a bit worried we were going to see a nudey Polsken at the beach in the beginning....

Steve, that portion is in the R section.

Heheyy my Friend ! Way to Goo ! Biggrin
Lovely production and well chosen tune! Well done Marek !
Dana flying behind you I got the chill and a big smile on my face! You are lucky having her ride with you on her own bike ! Wish for you a Great summer and lots of pleasent rides! Smiley-laughing

THX Arild... Still not enough time for riding. Working long 10 hours shifts, so it`s not so much riding...

Can you swap shifts with other guys so you can go riding?

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