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Estracada, OR to Detroit Lake, OR

Watch on Vimeo

Didn't had any song as Vimeo sent me a warning a while back about copywright issues.  Seems there were 2 songs that someone had issues with a while back.


Own Video: 


Every once in a wile I get a crazy thought. Rather then music how about the sound effect of a 8mm movie projector instead ?

NIce ride.Randy.. Still very good weather there like here..

Looks like a nice road to ride on.

It was a really nice road Bill, 70 miles of it.

Road looks really Nice mate Smiley-laughing
But don`t you think the trees arer very close? No animals in those forests that suddenly can cross the road ? Up here we have about 5 to 10 meters clear view between the trees and the road to have some time to react in such cases!

there is that possibility, deer black beer, turkeys, coyote, squirrels, etc.

squirrel is no problem. Except, you can feel there bones crush though the handle bars. Bin there done that.

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