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Eureka Springs CC 2018 day 1

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Burns Oregon to Mtn Home, ID with a video bomb of New Mexico, how can I tell when the scenery is about the same, I'll see if any of you Sherlock Holmes can figure it out


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so how come you got silver tape on your glove

Beautiful road tour Randy, looking forward to more. Great job on the editing.

Looks just like here Pasco WA. It is much the same from here to Texas..It just gets a little more humid.

Sherlock Valerie. That is why I knew that clip was not from going but from coming back. While pulling on the glove leaving Eureka Springs a large hole developed so I duct taped it

Yes Wayne. That is why I wish I could just fly over much of the flat boring straights of nothingness

Interesting ...
Ride Safe ...

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