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Falls Creek Ride - Alpine Ranges Australia

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We did this ride from Mount Beauty to Falls Creek which is famous for its skiing in the winter months on the 20th March. It was quite cold by the time we reached the summit which was 4 degrees and the bikes really did feel the loss of oxygen. I had had a front light blow due to the cold temps and altitude. The corvette driven by Coke and Russell as passenger provided some entertainment up the mountain. At the end of the video we cross the lake at the top of the summit and you can see the cloud hovering above the road.




Another great video Dave showing off some beautiful alpine country, love the cloud cover after Falls Creel , thanks for sharing.

Great ride. Love the views

that is the problem with mountain elevations, can be nasty winter type weather even in the summer.

For sure Randy. We were on a summit in a pass in the Rockies in the middle of July once and it snowed in warm weather. Didn't last long though.

Fantastic Dave , some parts of the road looked a little rough but looks like a great ride . Did you stop at the top for lunch or just a coffee to warm up ?

Didnt stop for lunch or coffee as we were too cold so kept moving to Anglers Rest for lunch there.

Angler's Rest good choice for a stop. Which way did u head after that...or is that on the next video?

Beautiful Alpine roads to ride. You never get sick of riding them although I haven't ridden them in that cold weather.
Great vid with the two views in there Dave.

Dub, we headed back to Mt Hotham and Bright which is where we were staying.

Hey Tezza, when would be the best time to ride these again??

We've done it a couple of times in our Wild Hogs trips usually around the last week of November. We've done 6 WH's at that time and always had great weather to go just about anywhere.

That was a long winding ride Dave but spectacular - Falls Creek, Anglers Rest, Omeo over Mt Hotham to Bright.

Yeh... But what a ride


Ditto to that Dub and Dave , we did it last year on the hogs and it was spectacular .

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