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FEBRUARY CONTEST - walk around my bike

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Wil's Honda VTX1300R with many added custom parts and accessories.  Numerous pictures from all angles and time.


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I can't see your video. It tells me the video has private settings. I think you have to change the setting so everybody can see your video!

Same here Will. Says it's private

Hello Friends,
I'm sorry about that. I just changed the setting. Please try now.

Nothing here yet.

I think I got it now.
Please let me know if you can view it

Yeah now we can see it. Nice video and bike. Really like the red lights

ok on this end. Can you actually ride with the red led lights at night? Some states in the US don't allow it when the bike is moving.

Thanks guys! I've had the red LED lights put on for over a year now. I ride at night at least once a month and haven't had any problems with the law. I was told by a motorcycle shop here in Orlando that as long as the LED lights do not shine straight to the eyes of other drivers, they're legally okay.

Hey Guy's,
I hope you all are doing GREAT!
I just edited and renewed the February contest walk around video. Please let me know if you're able to watch it.
Thanks and Ride Safe!

Will you made a great video and the bike looks great too. You have done very nice work on your Honda.

Good job again. I still like the LED red lights

Thanks Wayne and Allen. I appreciate your comments.
Stay Safe!

Nice video, Will!

Red lights look nice, according to the law we can only have yellow or white when we ride, but I have not heard of anyone being pulled over for the color of their LEDs
Nice bike

Thank you... I appreciate you fellow riders.
Be Safe!

Nice use of still pictures and the Big Shots sound great!

Awesome vid Wil. Bike looks great.

Thanks Terry. Appreciate your comment.

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