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First 2017

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Huh.. Well.. I´m alive... Kind of...




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Very upbeat Marek ... loved it. Does Swedish water taste THAT bad !!!???

The master at work. Very good and funny as always. The beach was beautiful. That is one narrow road. Peter, not sure that was Swedish water, lol

Nice foot path you rode on.... LOL. Great vid.

It was indeed Bill

Awwww. Our little Swedish meat ball finally got to ride. . Great ride my friend glad you made it through winter

Yes I was beginning to wonder if he survived. And just like the bear that hibernates coming out hungry, Marek hit the ground running in style. Get all those foot paths cleaned off by May when I get over there. Can't be caught in the borders tracking Swedish seeds to America.

Finally, our video master is back on track! It's just about 5 weeks from now and we'll see eachother again in real life instead of the bloody skype since a whole year. Way too long ago my friend!

Maybe the highways aren't that smooth as we have them in Holland, but they look nearly empty and that's also a whole difference, I can tell you! You saw our dyke roads, you've been there. Oke, they are only 60 km/u instead of 70 like in Sweden, but who wants to go 70 on a road like that? I don't! I want to enjoy the views and... I want to stay alive!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Great vid Marek, so good to see you making your first season rides again. It must be about 6 months ago since your last real rides. It wasn't a hard but a very long winter this year as the weather wouldn't change and it continues with rain and wind and low temps, months and months around zero degrees, no good conditions to go with your bike. I really hope Spring started now and you'll have a bit of nice (at least dry) weather for the next coming period, specially when we arrive so we can make some rides together... Visiting those little harbors, the sea, the hills and lakes, driving those narrow roads with nearly no other traffic, visiting the little Swedish villages with their tipical painted colors, drinking a coffee (or something else) at a little Swedish kind of restaurant... Having a good time!

Thanks for the ride and vid and really happy to see you out for a ride again!

Another classic. First of many rides and vids I am sure. Thanks Marek.

GREAT to see you riding and making video's. I think I have some Swedish water. Have many more good rides Marek

Nice intro. Glad your out riding now. Enjoy.

Thx all...

Good to see the master back in action again.
Great video with a funky sound track.

Very nice Marek long time no see and talk. great vid expect nothin less

great video

my grandparents used to tell me stories of how narrow the country roads in Sweden were, and about the trolls that lived under the bridges. my grand father came from Northern sweden Skelleftea I think its called. my grandmother from village that from what I understand is south of Stockholm according to the story I was told as a child the village burnt to the ground and because it was winter and so cold the villagers rebuilt the new village around the old one. never been there always wanted to go and check it out my problem is If I did have the chance to go I might not want to return.
My grandmother used to tell me that if I did go to Sweden one day not to drink the heavy

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