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First day of trip to Yellowstone

Watch on Vimeo

Steve Trish and I were just heading up Deadmans Pass justout of Pendelton OR. Heading to Baker City.



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No guard rails. That shoulder looks awful steep

I'm with Val on the guard rails.

Why worry about the shoulder, or guard rails? Last time I checked think you supposed to ride on the road.

Lol, Ben. The road looked wore out to me. Was it a rough ride?

I agree with you Ben. If you are staring at those guard rails you are probably going to hit one in the curve. Where my eyes correct in that there are a few good sized holes in the road? Some of the motorcycle riders here in the valley carry spray paint with them to mark them out on some of the more popular ridden roads.

GUARD RAILS who needs them? I have two friends dead because of Guard Rails. If you fall off the road you should have been a better rider. I have taken this road at 50-70 mph and never had any thing but FUN. Ben and I have ridden roads like this side by side and at speed never had an issue with the road or the rider. Just plane old fun. Even with the pot holes. Your on two wheel roll get her done.. I was taking it nice and SLOW for Steve and Trish No one needs to get hurt on a nice fun ride. We did have a nice ride all the way to Baker City and beyond..

Wayne is one of the few people I will ride side by side with, and that means I trust him with my life

I can see that Wayne is a pro I would trust him with my life

Wayne is a very good ride and tour guide as well

Especially since he has been to most of the places on the west side of the states at one time or another.

I know how to have fun while riding and be safe at the same time. I also understand that there are lots of folks that don't have the experience and Crazzy attitude about riding that I do. So I tend to ride at the skill level of the least experienced rider. I hate to see anyone get hurt while on a nice ride. When with a select few and they know who they are. I try and ride as safely as possible. I don't like out riding any one(group ride) and I have never left any one behind. If I get too far ahead I stop and wait for who ever. If I think they are taking too long to catch up with me I turn around. Remember it is for the FUN of ridding not to see how fast or how well you can out run anybody.
I leave that for riding solo or the select few I run hard with. BE safe and watch out for everybody..

Well said Wayne

Ditto that Allen.

I think we could make a ride Wayne, because I like the way you think about it.... Do know, you would be the one waiting at some moments because you're sure the better rider!!! But I like riding my bikes, visited my parents in law today and used my bike to go there and what a joy!!! I'm so glad I started riding a bike for about 5 years ago.... I'm enjoying it every single ride and minute...

I have been enjoying riding for a long time. As long as I am healthy enough to ride I am RIDING. It might only be to the end of the drive way but I will ride. Gert I would like to ride with you and your brother along with that Marek fellow. It would be a blast.

I'm with you Wayne. As long as I can ride I'm going to

Riding is the best way to calm down and get relaxed, next to BEER or a little JIM BEAM

How to get relaxed? First a ride, followed with a few beers and a Jim Beam to finish it... I think that makes your day Wayne! LOL

That is a very good day Gert. Just like that up grade you received. That must have been great.

It was a big surprise when I opened the door of my "cabin" Wayne... And what about 06:05 in the morning when I heard somebody knocking on my door... A beatiful lady brought me a full breakfast!!! LOL

and it wasn't even Simone. LOL

I didn't ask for her name Randy?!!! LOL

Cool video Wayne. A rare quite time at work so I can watch some vids...

Cool I hope you don't get caught

Great vid Wayne. You, Steve and trish owned the road.

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