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My first real new season ride...

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Last week, finally the weather changed so we, Jan Dirk and I, went for our first real ride this new season. Just a ride around the corner but it felt great and I can show you some of our ride by this vid. Hope you enjoy this little Spring vid...

(Watch the vid in HD1080 for better quality)


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Good to see you riding Big Red again. Beautiful looking country there.

A beautiful ride. Thanks for showing us the city center. I love stuff like that

I agree with Bill and Val. Love the city streets. Glad you both got out for a ride still looks cold but good enough for a ride.

Very nice Gert. Lots of commentary. Glad you was able to get out

NICE ride guys I like seeing you two ride together. Just like my brother and I when we ride together.

You know Gert .I've often said that you should be working for the Travel Agents of Netherlands.
I love your tours/bike rides as we get to see some fantastic views.
Spring time definitely showed in your video.
Great work as usual.

We are going for our second season ride today... It's freeking cold, only about 5 degrees at the moment and a lot of wind but it's dry... This afternoon it will be about 7 or 8 degrees... I'll need some extra clothes! I'll try to make some pics and vids today, don't know where we're going today... I'll drink a coffee at Jan Dirks place and we talk about where to go today... It's to early in the season to show you the tulip fields, we need a few more weeks and some sun to show you those fields... But there is a lot to see, so... In a couple of days I'll show about our today's ride...

How I miss the Netherlands, loved walking down those streets with small shops along the way. I gotta tell you that when you met the bicycler I gave out a verbal WHOLEE F_ _ _ ! Now tell me the story about the lane way with no center line, are they just a one lane kinda thing where the bigger vehicle has right of way? or is there more room than the video shows? I remember traveling down some country roads in Normandy that were just wide enough for 1 vehicle and thought no way that would work in our part of the world.....I could almost smell the flowers there buddy on your ride, Thanks for that....

Todd, they changed the law for several years ago. Now, when there is a white centre line it's 80km/u allowed, when there isn't a centre line or there are tow paddle bike lines on both sides of the road it's only 60km/u allowed. That way they don't need signs beside the road to show the speed. Specially when there are two paddle bike lines on both sides of the road, the road often seems smaller as it is. But, to be honest, some roads are really small! There are lots of roads where it's not easy to pass eachother, specially when it's a truck or a farmer using his tractor. I'll try to show you a road were they made special places to pass, it's just a few kilometers from the place I live. There is a road it's only possible to pass using those few special passing places when using a car. Give me a few days and I'll make a little vid to show you that road. In most of the towns and villages are lots of streets only allowed to use one way. The street I showed in this vid I was riding against the law, because that one is only open to use very early in the morning and after 18:00, what makes it possible for shops to get their stuff delivered and for people who live in that street to park their car somewhere close to their homes. The rest of the day it's only allowed to go there by paddle bike or walking...

That's interesting, thank you for explaining that. I remember in Belgium seeing more peddle bikes than vehicles in the towns which gave me the impression of a slower lifestyle which I can only wish for in our area. We felt so relaxed sitting in some of the open air squares throughout your area with no vehicles speeding around, its no wonder that we are so fond of the Netherlands and Belgium. I remember talking to a bus driver in Ypres and I asked him if he ever has been to Canada and he commented that he has no excitement to do that mostly because of the vast space between cities. I must say, I would give anything to live in your area, the history alone is the most incredible thing I have ever experienced in this life. In Canada, when we look at our history, we can only look back at maybe the last 150 years. In your area, one can actually see and touch thousands of years of history. I always tell people that if you only take 1 trip in your life, GO TO WESTERN EUROPE.

You have spring around you... And poor me didn´t start the season yet...


Your country is so pretty!
You have the lines on the side of the road for the pushbikes and they still take the whole lot. I guess it is the same the world over, sigh....

I'm sure about that Steve. And I can tell you, the bigger the group, the less they line up two by two...

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