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first ride of the season 3/4/2017

Watch on Vimeo

finialy able to get out driveway, we had one heck of a melt off, so the ice is mostley gone , but now things are getting muddy, managed to get ride in saturday afternoon, man it felt great to be on the bike riding after long winter, that was short lived, sunday morning had snow on the ground againSorry about the quality of vid, having problems with the camera.


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At least you managed to get a ride in. Looks like lots of snow and mud there yet. Damn cold -30C here this morning and for the rest of the week, with periods of snow.

Glad you were able to get out. For that amount of snow and ice the road was really dry. Nice video. Keep them coming

Roads look good but you still have to take special care taking corners as I can see lots of gravel! No problems with the video quality, just nice to see you out for the first season ride!

Beautiful scenery but too cold for me.

I felt cold just watching that ! Glad you managed to get out !

I won't complain anymore about my riding conditions. At least I have all paved roads and don't have to ride through the mud to get to the road. Hopefully spring will come early and stay, but doesn't seem to be the case. Talking rain off and on the next week, very little sun. Need to welcome it as the dry winters and drought summers are not good. Water is life.

Glad we don't get that white stuff here Ben. Glad you got a ride in even though the conditions weren't very favourable.

Looks great Ben too bad it snowed big time sense. Nice video. See you soon

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