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First time fresh air for Red this new riding season...

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Thanks for the Guardian Bell and Australia patch Terry! Also thanks from Jan Dirk, your friendpatch will get a place on his vest...


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Red started right up. You took good care of Red this off season. Nice bell, way to go guys

Nice safety gear Allen... er.. Gert. LOL.

I'll bet it felt good without a helmet

Safety always first..... LOL

Hmmm... You didn´t tell us you are about to change your nickname Gert...
Quasimodo ... The Bell -Ringer of Notre Dame... LOL

But seriously... Good on Ya mate!!! Guardian Bells works!!!! I can tell!!!

as we say in Australia, more bells than you can poke a stick at (that means "a lot")

Yes you need all those bells when not wearing a helmet.

Glad you were able to get out for a bit. Looks cold though!!! Nice gift from Terry

That helmet is safe. It's made of steel wool. Smiley-laughing
Glad the bell arrived.

Even if its a short ride a ride is a ride Gert. I need to get another bell, seems it went a miss at the service centre last time.

Nice little ride there Gert. Any ride is a good ride even if it is short one. WOW three bells you're really safe now. Take care

Today (10-03) it was the first day of the year I could go for a real first ride this season! Whow, I can tell you, that was a great feeling after nearly 5 months!!!!

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