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Friends helping out

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I had a little trouble driving up to Ben's place the other day and he helped out with the rapair.  One tire had blown out and the Right srid rear brakes locked up.



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any time buddy Smiley-laughing

Always good to know you have friends to help you out when there is a problem! Well done Ben!

Nothing like a second pair of hands.

Great thing to have a good friend

What's with the cut head??? One must not try to sit up when under a truck

No cut head, Scruffy just had bad timing when taking pictures, first one is me getting out from under truck, and getting off creeper, and other one shows grease/ dirt on forehead, so no bikers or mechanics where hurt, lol

That's good to know

We still managed to have a good time.

the beers were just off camera, were they?

no beers...............but we did have Jim Bean Devils Cut, Jack Daniels, and some homemade pear Schnapps. Smiley-laughing like always good food ,booze and company

Always good to have a helping hand.

It was very nice watching Ben roll around on the floor. Old guys don't roll very easy.

Always remember to drink alcohol after the work is done. The flood must not be too bad, you looked fairly dry. Although I suspect it was kind of sloppy outside the shop.
Guess I better bring the cameras when I come up next week to wire the driving lights on the Rebel. At least we won't have to be crawling around on the floor like the trailer lights.

NO! crawling around for me. The Rebel is going on the lift. Easy access to all the parts. Worked all day getting the guest house set up for you. I cleaned and vacuumed just for you Randy. Not everyone gets that kind of service

My goodness I'm going to have to shower first since you are spoiling me and I'm going sour. Definitely agree with the lift. Ergonomics are very important. Would hate to get hurt working on the Rebel and then couldn't ride

Getting hurt is bad. I even have soft mats to stand on.


Macho-ism is over rated.

Great stuff guys!
I must admit, when I saw Scruffy's stand I started looking around for 1. Finding space in my shed is the biggest hurdle.

those bike lifts are great, I also have one

And who was calling us wimps? That is like the tea pot calling the kettle black or something along those lines.

I have two and store them out side the shop one hydraulic the other air. I like the air best. The thing is wider and longer. I don't have to jack it up. My little legs get tired of pumping but it works good for fixing bikes and lawn mowers. I'm whimmpy any more I like the easy way now. Back in the day I worked too hard that is why I have a bad shoulder crushed hand, bad knees and lower back. Too many D8's and scrapers along with everything else I worked on over the years.

I am looking at the air version. Unfortunately they are $600 + down here.
I used to love tinkering, but if I have to get down low now I put the job off until I figure out an easier way.
I just bought a little vintage bike to restore for the missus. ( Sure its for her ... :P) Lucky I have a little wheelie stool that makes it easier to get around.

What bike did you get Steve ?

The first lift I got was from a guy that owed me some $$ for work I Had done. The second was up for sale for $500 with all the attachments. I just had to go get it. It is air, which I like the height 42in and 4ft width. It is great for just about everything else. Extra workbench, welding table, lawn mower. It's way more than just a bike table. The grandkids use it for a ride.up and down up and down.

And who told you about the table??? Lol

That would be a great guy with a great wife I can't remember the name HE HE HE...

Maybe I was wrong about who told me? You guys are putting doubt in my mind. The first guy who shouts me a new bike lift can take the honours.
Pete, I will post some picks when I finish restoring it. If I score a new lift from some mates in the meantime....

Steve if you were a little closer I would give you my old one. O better yet come and get it. You might get on the plane.

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