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For Gert - Clog Barn

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Clog Barn and miniature village at Coffs Harbour, NSW.



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I bet that took some time to build all the little houses. That was very interesting. I thought you guys used your knives to make the clogs HE HE very cool Gret

Very detailed miniature village. Interesting how they make clogs.

The third slide shows a bench and tools where they were originally hand made.
The machines in the video are copying machines. A stylus follows a full clog while the cutter machines the same profile in the wooden block.

I've been through Coffs many times and never knew it existed. very nice.

Well done Terry - Lots of work gone into the village and I especially love the 'Jurasic' section where the Lizards were.
Interesting workings for making the Clogs ...
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

Good find Greg. I was wondering if the lizards would get a mention.

The 'Jurasic' period starts at 1:51min - Nice Frilly Lizzys Smiley-laughing
Cheers Mate - Well Done - I hope Gert enjoys it too ...
Ride Safe ...

I saw some pieces from Holland I showed you in real in one of my video’s! Thanks for the vid Terry! Don’t think we have only that kind of buildings here, we have also more modern type of buildings, but I like this kind of houses and buildings more.... the way the clogs were made in this vid is the same way my uncle did for many years ago. He owned a shoe shop but also sold clogs and in the beginning as he just opened the shop he made them this way, all by hand. So I really saw him doing that but that is about 40 years ago I think. Most of the clogs the still sell now are made in a factory. We still have a few of them in Holland...

The guy doing the work said that all the clogs for sale in the shop are from Holland.

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