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Gloves - Video contest


Multi purpose gloves.... ALRIGHT!! Nice kilt BTW. LOL.

I think I remember one comment from somebody named Marek (alias Polssken) from about three years ago. Here is a copy from that comment as it fits this vid exactly!!!!

"HMMM..... "Bloogy Idiot" Material????


Come on::: Gert just showed...
The simpisity......
One take,,,,, One man.....
One idea!
Get crazy!!!!!

Be a " Bloody Idiot"
Ghert..... You´re on the right way bro......."

Whaha!!! I just copied this comment. You can read Marek when it says Gert en my comment is done! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

One question.... Real Scottish way you wear that kilt???

Nice kilt and video. Glad to see ya back.

Stop smoking that funny weed Marek, look down your wearing a dress.

That was short and to the point Marek. Good one

Just amazing!! I vote for you..

Here I thought this was a preview of next month's contest, favorite riding UNDERWEAR, thus the reason for the kilt.
So glad it wasn't, I'd be scarred for life seeing that. And of course if that idea comes to be reality, I will absolutely have to stay off the site for the month of the contest. Got to keep my mind PURE.

I know why your favourite gloves are fingerless.
1. So you can open beer cans.
2. So you can light your smokes.
3. So you can adjust your dress.
Welcome back mate.

Fingerless gloves, it's also easy to go for a pee, especially if you wear a kilt the traditional Scottish way... Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

You are a true Bloody Idiot. LOL

that's what we Bloody Idiots are !
even living in garage, even having no pants to wear... we are happy in any case!

I gather the cigs got to be to attracting again after your visit with Gert.

Fuck they don't come any tougher than you V/P.....................................the first word I said when I saw you first in this vid was ......JESUS.....................

You said the right word Lee.... I think at that time man did wear somekind of a dress!!! LOL

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