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Going to the Sun


That is a great ride. I have done twice now. It can get a little chilly up there. Glad to see you again.. Take care my friends Next time call me I'll meet you guys up there. That would be great ride from here.

That would be a great ride JJ lots of beautiful scenery. I would hat to be pushed over the side there, no coming back from that drop. Glad your out and about with your wife enjoying yourselves.

It was the biggest surprise ever....No road work and fresh tarmac. A little cloudy at Logan Pass,but warm enough. Going back next season and we'll be in touch. All the best Wayne.

Looks like a great ride JJ. Beautiful scenery too.

This is on our todo list. Not shure if we will put the bikes on a trailer towed by a RV or fly out and rent something.

Was going to do it by car August 2019, but Rochele had an appointment come up that changed plans. Will hopefully catch it in 2020. Now that I have seen the pics of the area, definitely have to go and just a 2 days drive/ride for me.

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