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Nice, hey whose bike is randy riding? Looked like randy got a little close to the curb at about 2:05......

That was good fun. I should plane a trip over soon.seems yo had a great time together..GOOD weather too..

Good memories indeed.

Thanks Gert - another fine production ..... cheers ....

Excellent Gert. I wish Marek had a chance to be more involved in the site. We miss him.

Nice vid Gert and great to see the riding you all did. How'd Randy handle the drinking session, I hope you were gentle with him, you know him not being a big drinker and all...

LOL... what do you guys always say if we ask about the same during a Hogs Ride Spratty? What happens in Sweden....

LOL too true..

We all slept very Well!!! LOL

Todd, I was riding Dana's (Marek's wife) bike. What curb? LOL That is the problem of riding in strange surroundings, one wants to look around and see things.
Yes it was a great time time. That comment about it be bloody HOT Sweden. For them it was hot that day, If I remember it was 23 C, 71 F which for that time of year was a heat wave for them. I was on the chilly side yet.. Almost too cold for me to be eating ice cream. As for the drinking, I did insult Marek on what he thought was a geat whiskey I would like. I didn't like it. I had a few tastes of the various types and then we walked it off, Roadie was the one that got in trouble as usual.

Cool, Thanks for revisiting that Gert.
If 23C was hot for you guys, how would you breathe down here at 45C?

Steve, they probably wouldn't. Gert was overdressed and was about ready to pass out. The next day was "hot" also, the got ride of the leathers so he was not overheating.

Yes, second day I was wearing my normal jeans. First day, with my leather jeans I thought I would need two persons to get rid of my pants after retourning home!!! LOL

Yes Gert, you now know what animals feel like when they are hot and their leather making them hot. They either find shade or roll in the mud.

That, I'd like to see... Gert rolling in the mud!! LOL.

Bill we probably won't see it now, but back in the contest days and more people on here, we probably would see him doing that

LOL.... Randy, we could start the contest again?! Just to have some fun and only when there are some more contributors... not to win a price like it was before, because that’s not important, just for fun... rolling in the mud isn’t the first thing i would think about as a subject, but... don’t challange me as you know!!! LOL

Gert you need "mantyhose" really! they make such a thing. Leather pants come right off nicely.....

WTF!!! Don’t tell me you talk from own experiance now Randy!!! Those are not for me!!! They are not safe enough with fire and I like to smoke a sigaret so once in a while as you know!!! (And that’s just one reason I don’t like them!!!) LOL

Like Gert said, are talking from experience Todd. I've never sweated in my leather pants. Gave up the leather coats. Guess it could be dangerous if I smoked as it might melt a hole in my yellow windbreaker rain jacket.

NO NO NO NOT ME.....I'm way too hairy to worry about getting out of leathers. Maybe stop shaving your legs guys if your having issues? ???? LOL


Even back in my bicycling pedaling days on the road back wearing lycra shorts I did NOT shave my hairy legs. I hate shaving, probably why I have had my beard and stache for 37 years.

Great video Gert, looks like an awesome memory of good time with good friends.

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