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Google Earth question from Todd...

Watch on Youtube

(Watch the vid in 1080p for a better view...)


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Interesting stuff. There is a desert in the State of Maine,

Well once again Gert your generosity of taking the time to answer my curiosity is very much appreciated. I imagined riding with you on that quest, funny how attaching a personal touch to a video has such an effect on someone half way around the world. I thank you once again Gert, I'd give anything to ride with you in your country......(Bucket list item #1)

Great job Gert. Like you said what the fuck. As long as you have a good time

No problem Todd and my pleasure and easy to do the little ride to show the place. I only need a dry day and that took me about three weeks and to be honest.... did this ride two days ago and today it’s already raining again!!!!

Nice you got out for a much needed ride and answered Todd's question. With Bird in the hospital, my rides are limited to in town, usual ride back and forth to work even if it is raining. Not much, but still enjoy immensely.

Cool place, Good for a short ride Have a great week

Your dog must love it there all that sand to run and roll around in.

Must be nice to have two bikes Gert, too enjoy the rides in different styles. Nice area to take the dog, and what the hell if its not allowed.

Hi Gert - Nice vid & a bit of AC/DC to finish off - with Highway to Hell ... One of Australia's best Bands - The Loudest & Proudest rock you will listen to ...
Cheers & Ride Safe -
frostbite (Greg)

Another informative video from the Minister of tourism in the Netherlands.

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