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Gracie 2 is finally done

I got her just the way I want her (for now LOL).



Looks and sounds good.

They sound better VAL I think. I was behind the old Gracey for several miles, Look great too..

Great sound, much louder as my bike because my bike nearly doesn’t give any sound! Wish you many nice and safe Miles with Gracie2!

Looks and sounds good Valerie. The first oil change way to go

It's got a great beat and you can dance to it.

looks good...sounds great....for now is so right, its never ending to make it just right, and that's half the fun.

I kind of cheated though. The bike I totaled this past spring wads exactly the same bike as what I replaced it with so I had 72000 mi to get the first one just so. That gave me a real good idea of how I wanted this bike to be

They sound good to me. Next door he took the baffles out of his HD pipes. It makes about the same noise as a DC 3.


Looks and sounds brutish.

Sounds really nice Val, I dont like them too loud and yours sounds right on

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