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You dont have to ride bikes to have a great time with your ccc friends


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Beautiful country. You are right, sometimes just visiting friends and sight seeing are enough. Great vid Dennis.

Sure looks like you had a very good visit. great video too..

so nice to be able to visit other countries due to our biking companions on the site. If you get the chance Dennis, you and any other CCC Australians are always welcome to stay with me in Medford, OR. You just have to put up with 2 weiner hounds who think they are the center of attention.

Great video Dennis. I felt that I was there with you guys.

Wish we had a bit longer there but circumstances at time of booking had a limited time frame. We did see a wild Deer but no Moose

On the Eureka Springs trip saw plenty of signs for deer, but did not see any. Did see a number of elk beside the road leaving the Grand Canyon village.

Great vid Dennis ... weather looks great!

We took a lot of Aussie sun shine in our suitcase and when we opened it up in Europe it popped out and we had problems getting it back in. Now they are having heatwaves.We are hoping Thom & Erika can visit us some day so we can show them our way of living and countryside.

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