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Great Day

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Finally a day that was perfect and I didn't have to work!!!


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Awesome Val. Glad someone's still able to ride.

What a beautiful day for riding. Good one Val.

Glad you got time for a ride Val, looks like a perfect day. No vibration on the camera, how did you do that. I just bought a camera and I'm having trouble with heaps of vibration.

It all depends on the mount and where you put it. On the Sportster everything shakes so I had a real challenge. This is what I found works best on my handle bars
Then I put a sliver of foam inside the case to keep the camera from shaking inside it.
On the rear I took 2 thin pieces of aluminum and ran them on the top and bottom of my luggage rack, screwed them together and attached the camera on the outside edge. See this
As a rule the farther out you get from an anchor point the more shake you have. Or with the Hog Jaw there is a pivot point in the center of the arm and if you make that straight it will vibrate more than if it is bent.

Thanks for the info Val much appreciated. I have the ram mounts but i think i have to reposition it somehow.

Ram mounts didn't work for me. When I mounted them on the bars the vid caught part of the windscreen, When I put them on my engine guards they vibrated.

Nice Vid & Good Song ... Well Done Val ...
Ride Safe ...

Thanks frost

Thank you, Val. Just what I needed on a rainy day.

That was a beautiful day for a ride Val. Thanks for posting the video and the song is fantastic for the occasion.

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