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Great December Day


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Loved it Val. You had the road to yourself and the weather perfect. Loved the tune too.

That are the kind of roads I like to ride... the so called smaller B-roads. Not much traffic and lots to see and always a possiblilty to stop and take a break for a smoke or just to watch around...

Nice vid Val and I’m glad for you it’s still possible to go for a ride. Here it is too bad weather, even if I wanted to go for a ride with little Red... But... weather will change soner or later!

Nice music and vid, Thanks for the ride.... (Was that some kind of a wooden bridge at the start of the vid, like Bill showed us a few times?)

No Gert. It's cement. I wouldn't be pulling over anywhere along these roads your liable to get shot people out in the Hills take their privacy real serious. Heck even when I was out on my way to Wyoming when I stopped to get the picture of the cow some guy in a truck stopped and told me to be on my way Farmers don't take kindly two people messing with their cows I told him I was just taking a picture and he said you need to move it on

Take as many photos of anything you want here in OZ - Nobody minds ....
Cheers - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year -
frostbite (Greg)

That's a ride, no traffic!! I like that tune too.

Well I didn't see a rainbow, lol. Nice video. The sun was sure bright. We haven't seen the sun in about 3 days here

We have also had a long spell with no sunshine it was nice to finally see the sun

Glad to see your out riding and all healed up. Nice little ride..

It was nice Wayne. Seems like I have to learn all over it's been so long

What the heck was the bright thing in the blue sky? Go to work in the dark, come home in the dark. Beginning to be affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Good thing I get to see these vids or I would go into total dispair, become lost alcoholic. The last may be a bit of exaggeration but I think you get the point. Post some more

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