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Great French Music, Cool motorcycle, great couple singing!

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Passionate song from lengendary French music star, Jean Jaques Goldman, pop artists Tal and MPokora crank it up for this tribute.  The moto featured starts at :8 and :58 and so forth.  Upbeat and visceral and romantic french pop music, makes great listening.  Plus check out the leather gear as these two sing about getting out of their awful situation singing "envole de moi" or "fly to me" get me out of here!  It's pretty cool.  Motorcycle is the means the guy uses to find her and get her out!  Oh yeah...



Skeep, maybe I'm too old for such music, but I'd prefer Star Wars in French instead: Je suis ton père

That's a great song Skeep! Ehhhhhhh... Martines... Please!!! Don't tell me you're another one who is mad about Star Wars, are you??? Marek always tells me I've to watch Star Wars and I can only see it for a few minutes and than I have to turn it off!!! Smiley-laughing

Well, Gert, I don't say that Star Wars is the best, but I compared to this music, which for me is little too 'young'. Of' course, I'm aware that people have different tastes of music (especially at different age), no worries.

Martines,nI'm glad I found at least one who thinks the same about Star Wars! Music..... It's a personal thing, and it depends on the mood, but mostly I can enjoy the music you choose with your vids! Smiley-laughing

C'est pas trop tard pour toi Martines!

You are right Skeep..... Vous n'êtes jamais trop vieux pour apprendre! Smiley-wink

I don't speak French but I really enjoyed this song and the video was great too
And I am not a kid. Smiley-laughing

Guys, please stop that dispute about music Smiley-laughing It is so personal opinion, that nobody can be right.
Have fun watching this video!

Soooo true Martines....!

Great song and video clip Skeep.

Thanks Skeep ... something different!

If she needs to escape she can get on the back of my bike anytime

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