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A Great Start

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This is when we started out to Yellowstone. Lots of mountains in this rea. We would go back anytime, as long as we don't have to go through Nebraska, lol


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Great fun with good friends. The weather was the best.I would do it all over again.

We would to Wayne

We're going to have to since they want to see more of the park. Maybe in several years, but stay in West Yellowstone so we can catch the northern east section.

That sounds good Randy

Thansk for this vid Allen and Julie. Always nice to see a vid, but this one is great to see a group of friends joining a ride together! Great views and roads. I can understand this was the first but maybe not the last meeting!

I'm loving these rides Allen.

Great fun

Trish and I watched it, Cool!
Loved the track as well, Thin Lizzy (Irish, believe it or not) from 1976.
Great times!

I'm really ready for a good long ride again. I had a blast up until. A few more weeks.

Just do a short one and not shift out of first using the 125 ccer

Wayne if you can ride your bike you're a better man than I am

Val? Impostor and gender change?

Hmmm. Think I'll stay as I am

I may a better MAN than you. I may take off for a little ride after the wife takes off for Joseph OR. and Wallowa Lake OR.Tuesday. She will be gone for a few days, that lets me try and get the bike out for a little bit. The leg is doing great so far and the hole is almost gone. I will have to get the 1 ton brakes finished first as it is in front of the shop.

Fixing the brakes will help decide the support of the leg

Geez Wayne, no incidents while your are banned or it may end in divorce. Smiley-laughing

For some reason I don't think there is much Wayne can do that would surprise her except get her some flowers and then she would be really suspicious and have forensics in to see if he was an imposter or not.

I got the rear brakes finished so I will see if I can get my shoe on, if so off I go. NO divorce, Just nobody tell , she will be kinda MAD. She will get over it sooner or later. I double checked the space between the pick up and shop door there is room to get the 07 out. It is going to be 102 F A very nice day too.

Take it easy mate and don't hurt my bike. Smiley-laughing

I'll take it kind of slow. The tendons around the heel are kind of stiff yet. They work just a bit tight.

Be careful my friend

NO pain no gain Right. Maybe...

Do go for that no pain no gain crap. Pain is trying to tell the body something, listen to it carefully and decide whether it is exaggerating the fact or not.

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