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Great sunny day

Got the bugs out of Gracie 2 and she's running great. Just have to replace the slip ons yet when they get in and I'll be set


Own Video: 





Difference between dbpower camera and sjcam Camera the lighter is sjcam both cameras we're set on the same settings

Big difference. Nice video. Glad you were able to get out

That's a nice long ride Val well done. Nice to see you have the weather on your side.

It was fun until I stopped hahaha

NICE ride Val. Be safe.

Great vid Val and the song said it all.

Great vid Val. How's the ribs?

Thanks Guys
Bill, the ribs are mending but after this long of a ride they were mad at me for all the vibration. Perhaps I should have gotten a honda???

They will always remind you off and on even after healed. I found that out the other day in my Krav Maga lesson with my left shoulder. Haven't ridden much since the Dubois trip. Less than 300 miles. Smoke and heat not a great combo and now that the it is cooler and less smoke, need to finishing painting the house that got started during the week I had off. Taking a break from painting today to make new engine guard covers for the Rebel since I put the running lights on. It was 45 F this morning. A bit nippy on the dress pants riding to work.

Sunny but really fresh here, only 10 degrees in the eurly morning and 15 in the afternoon. Enjoy the nice weather Val, just keep riding....

Very nice vid. Do you notice any difference between your new bike and the one you lost Val? I mean, they are the same type but.... It's another bike.

Yes. The engine sounds different but then it's not broke in yet. And I get better mileage with it. I don't know about snap yet.i have to keep the RPMs down while break in

Val run it like you stole it. Then it will run good ..

Hell then I will get a ticket!!!!

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