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Had a great ride

Sure will be glad when my ribs are done doing their thing. Still have a hard time pushing into left curves.



Good thing your a better rider than dancer. Nice ride and Great tunes.

You could go by only taking right courves to start with! Smiley-wink

Great ride Val, I’m curious how the weather will be when I arrive home from our holiday in Spain, just two more days to go and I we enjoy the warm weather and the sun here... nice dancing!!!!

Stupid cow was standing there watching me until I started to dance then just walked away how rude

Getting, I'd get dizzy and fall over

Nice video and tunes. The one road looked a little rough. What do cows know anyway?

You still got the MOOVES Val.... Nice dancing tune and vid.

In the Groove with Gracie. Roll on.

Am I they only one that noticed the 2 left footed boots?
could be why the left turns are hard, you need to put the left boot on the right foot and the right boot on the left foot, then you can do the canadian 2 step!!

nice moves......nice ride.

Cattle are dumb. Went to the farm to pick one for the freezer. There was a hand full standing there looking at us. So I said to them, "Witch one of you dumb bastards want to end up in my freezer?". And one stepped forward. I said, "shoot him."

Capt we we just filled our freezer with beef and pork

Nice ride, music, comments and foot work. Loved it Val.

LOL Thanks Terry

Allen,We once lived in a rural area. So you could go to the Mt Airy Meat Locker and pick out a package deal or go to the farmer and have it sent there and dressed out. Kind of miss that.

Plus it's cheaper than going to the store

Tastes much better than that store meat. I got one that is just about ready for the freezer nice big Black Angus Next month for sure. Some Buffalo too..MMMMMMGOOD

Had Buffalo in AZ. Oh !!! That's to die for !

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