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Hampton Pub Ride

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Video of last Sundays ride.


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Nice! Now if you could just get everyone to ride on the right side of the road, it wouldn't be quite so disconcerting to watch! (that Scout with the new seat looks awesome, btw!)

Great vid Tezza. Good to see you all together.

Shame on you for scaring that blonde at the Lolly Bug. LOL

Thanks Len.
We do ride on the other side of the road.
When we overtake. Smiley-wink

Thanks Bill. Most of the guys have other things on most Sundays.

She was working there and must have got scared of the old biker taking a photo. Smiley-laughing

What a perfect day for riding, clear skies and great company. Thanks guys. Well done again Tezza.

Looked like a nice day.
The poor girl, the old fart looking at her google eyed, tongue hanging out, taking sneaky photos.

She was shocked by such a good looking oldish man.

Great Vid Tezza - Weather & Roads looked good too .... Keep em comin .... Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe ...

Fantastic looking day for a ride. Shame I'm so far away

Hey hello! Nice video old fella. Looked like a few bikes out riding that day and great weather too.

Thanks guys.

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