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Happy birthday Marek!

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Happy Birthday to you Marek from Greg (frostbite) down here in NSW Australia.... Have A Great Day and Get Better soon - take Care & Ride Safe ... Cheers .... Smiley-laughing
Thanks Gert - Lovely Gesture - Hope you are going OK - New Bike looks GOOD ... Cheers Mate ...

Grattis på födelsedagen,
Wszystkiego najlepszego,
Happy Birthday!
I wish you a speedy recovery and an early Spring.

Definitely need to drink a hot toddy or two, but no more than that each day til the flu bug is gone. Pits being sick on your birthday but know you have many friends wishing you well.

Wishing you many more Birthday to come

Hope you get better soon. Hope you have a great day anyway' Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday my friend. Get well soon!!


Happy Birthday once more. Need to put some Jack Daniele's in the hot tea . fix you right up.

Happy Birthday and take care my friend.

Happy Birthday Marek. Many more to come.

Happy birthday Marek!

Oh you could still pour some of that other stuff in. Ya this world wide flu is something else isnt it? I caught it 2 times this winter and had it since dec 15th but this week I am finnally getting over it. Its a bad one this one so I feel for you Marek, It only took me 3 rounds of prescription drugs to cure this one for me. Good thing cuz next week we will be on the big island ( Hawaii) where its a tad warmer than here at the moment.....Belated birthday to you Marek, hang in there brother....

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