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A Harley that runs silent?

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Project livewire
Harley's Answer to the Electric bike.
Ok first I find out honda bought over 51% of Harley Now I find out they have been working on an electric bike, Really?
What's the world comming to?



Didn't care much for it. But that's just me. When I ride I want the sound of the engine and the horsepower

I'll go electric car and bike when they can get the charge time down to 5-10 minutes and I can go over 250 miles. Then I'll have an old recording of a bike pumping through the sound system of the bike. Also want to make sure there are no coal burning plants producing electricity anymore.

Yea Allen I'm with you. a motor cycle is suppose to look and sound like a motorcycle not like the ol'lady's

My wife's mixer makes more sound than the electric bikes.

Yupe Randy you buy one of those and every one'll start calling you Wherrrrrly..lmao!

like I posted above they got a long ways to go before I'll being getting anything electric on wheels.

Maybe I'm different but I embrace technology across all industries and while we (cruiser riders) may not like the idea that our bikes may no longer sound the way they do, we are not the target group that can influence the direction that motorcycle design will take in the future. HD and others obviously realise this! BTW those electric motors will have some serious mumbo....note that maximum torque is instant with these motors! But in sayin this I do like the noise that comes from an internal combustion engine!
Just on another note Yumyum, I don't now who provided your info in regards to HD ownership but a quick search of the NASDAQ shows that there is no one majority share holder. see attached.

Well Dub, to start with I have no problem with technology improvement's however there are other clean burning fuel's that can be used to power motorcycles and other auto's as well. Not everything that runs on petroleum fuel's needs to be converted to electric only in the future. Yes you can get some pretty amazing torque numbers from a electric power drill but that doesn't mean I want to use it to power my bike. The whole thing with this electric thing reminds me of that little issue we had back in the 70's when we had that big fuel shortage and every one started to jump on the ethanol band wagon. most of us older riders probably won't be around when they make the switch from petrol to complete electric bikes. So I'm not overly concerned about the whole issue. I posted that video because I thought it was interesting and thought provoking you just proved me right with your reply and thank you for your input.
As for the Harley ownership subject that belongs in my other discussion and I would rather not mix the two. if you would like to get my comment on that subject please post to that discussion.

Not as far as you may think Randy you might want to keep an eye on this company out of Oregon.
Arcimoto SRK
These guys are going to make it happen I think and their little three wheel reverse trike configuration is listed in most states as a motorcycle. (Oh and it has handlebars

Interesting, getting closer, but not there yet, 2 hours to charge for 70 miles. For the immediate future I'll go with this first,

The Elio is on in production now their getting $7,300 for the base model. and its being billed as a car.

will be getting one once the initial run is put out and secondary line production starts up

Randy your gonna be waiting inline a very very long

oh well that is what happens when somewhat skeptical on start up money promises, not all companies can always deliver. one thing i learned selling books freshmen year of college, talk is cheap,

no I mean the Elio is in mass production now. but to get one their is a waiting list. A very very long waiting list.

I can wait my Honda Rebel gets me through 3/4 of the year. A few days weather is too bad and need to drive the truck the Elio may be small but it won't fit in t my she'd like the Rebel

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