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Hawkesbury Road Twisties

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This vidieo is of me riding my 2014 Indian Chief Vintage on the Hawkesbury Rd Between Yarramudi & Springwood in New South Wales Australia




Wow, the Indian sounds great. Looks like a good road to ride. Thanks for sharing


I like this road so much that I ride it at least once a month on a Monday.

Bike sounds great Matt. Love that road.

Sweet sound Matt, yes it is a nice road to ride and the look out at the top is such a nice place on a clear day.

Awesome mate!
Trish and I did a quick lunch ride to Windsor today, backroads of course.

Very nice and Looks warm. Thanks That Indian sounds good.

Great vid Matt ... nice bit of road! I find it quite energising to manhandle [sorry ladies, can't think of a gender neutral alternative word at the moment] a big heavy cruiser through twisties like that.

The Indian Chief handle the corners very well Vardy if you get the opportunity to ride a one take it you'll be surprised

What a great road Matt, I agree about the sound of the Chief... Sounds good! And most of all, you know how to take those corners! Merry Christmas Matt.....

Thanks Gert
Merry Christmas mate

would love to Matt ... maybe a Scout too!

I'd be in that! I would love to wring a scouts neck..... Now that didn't come out right.....

May have to ask for a Scout during my service & take it through my favorite set of twisties

Nice road for sure Matt !
Sound of the twin is just great!
Is this a road to the top of a hill I wonder or is it simply winding between steep vallys ?
Nice ride anyway! Thanks! Smiley-laughing
Have nice rides mate !

The road runs from the plains to the first major town on the mountains

A nice bunch of twisties unlike those in high school, Yes one can do those on a big cruiser, but some of the smaller mid size bikes can be fun on these types of roads, that is why I liked my Speedmaster in the roads around me. Slowly getting used to the Bird doing the same roads, but still not quite the same.

A nice run up through there Matt. Did you stop at the lookout?

Not this day Tezza but I often do.
Some days I pass Al53 on Castlereagh Rd

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