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He´s grown up now... he?

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Great tribute to the birthday guy. Great production. Happy Birthday Gret. Many happy returns

What a great video to make Marek. WOW!!! 50, Your now 16 years younger than me. Keep it up what ever it is you do. It making you young. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERT... MANY MORE ..

Great tribute to Gert Marek, but he's still wet behind the ears!! Happy Birthday Gert!!

Happy birthday Gert..
All the hard work has been done peddling to the dizzy heights of 50, now its all down hill, much easier...LOL!!!
Another great production by George Marek Lucas, but I'm just concerned that the Jedi in black does not get attracted to the dark side!

Happy 50 years Gert ! What did you do on your day?
Great Job Marek, now I will need many more hours of therapy to erase those tub scenes from my memory.....


Indeed a fine tribute to a good friend. At 50 Gert is just broken in with lots more birthdays to go !! Enjoy !!

No kidding I graduated high school that year

Ditto on all those comments. It was one of my greatest pleasures to have met both of these guys in Sweden this year. For not having been true brothers, they are more than true brothers. They have a bond that will never be broken. Happy birthday Gert, may you have many more despite what they say

Happy Birthday Gert.

Great work from Marek, the Master of Videos.

Good weather, good times and good rides, I wish you much and many more. Happy Birthday!

Thanks all for birthday wishes and I hope I can promise you, I’ll ever grow up!!!

What a work to make a vid like this Marek, because you used all kind of little pieces from vids I made during the last nearly 5 years I’m on the site...

WOW 5 years how time fly's. Just seems like a couple weeks ago.. Have a great time this weekend..

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