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Hells Canyon Rally 2017

Watch on Vimeo

Some video of some of the Rally, and roads around Baker City


Own Video: 


Noofy rode down from Canda, we met up in Sandpoint ID. from there to my place, then on to visit Scruffy in Pasco WA. and on to Baker City OR for the rally, we had a blast,
Noofy glad you jointed me on the ride, had a great time, like always when we get together. Scruffy you where missed on the ride, hope you heal up fast.

Nice vid. There sure were a lot of vendors. Love the mountain pass. Looks great to ride through

Looks like a big event. I'd love to ride in that mountain pass.

It is a nice little relaxed rally in a small town. A number of various loops that goes through a variety of terrain. It used to be in June but they moved it because it to July because it kept getting rained on a lot in June. Take your pick cooler weather and possibility of rain or minimal rain chance and hot.

Hey what dam was that you crossed over?

Would like to get up there and ride through that pass. Nice video Ben. Good music as well

That is OX-bow dam on the Snake river between Oregon and Idaho border

Todd, that was the Hell's Canyon Dam.,+OR/Hells+Canyon+Dam,+Council...@45.0013261,-117.5473865,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x54a4f31743002599:0xecdae70e16d4743f!2m2!1d-117.8343848!2d44.7748748!1m5!1m1!1s0x54a6a3972a2d608f:0x53de6ceeb1970c3c!2m2!1d-116.7009781!2d45.2415471. Only 1 gas station in between and not open very late.

It was the top of Hell's Canyon Dam. Randy couldn't just say that, got to plaster half the post with GPS and junk?

Gotta give Todd directions so he can find the place. Give him some perspective. I always found the little maps that Robert Merz puts into his Roadliner production videos of his rides gives me an idea of the area he is riding in.

Now I know why they close the road. Looks like a lot of stalls, good food and accessories to buy I'll bet. Nice canyon ride.

Good job Ben.
We certainly did have a good time.

just googled earth that dam, man that looks like a very cool canyon...the parking lot down stream looks like she's straight up rock wall...That would be a friken great ride I must say..........

The Twisties, and view make for a great ride, could have done with lot cooler temperatures

Come done and do it Todd, but do it in June or early September when things are a bit cooler.

Thanks for the ride Ben. I enjoyed it and the tune.

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