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Holland, early Spring ride...

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Nice country Gert! Seems those lines on the road don't mean much, confuses the shit out of me. Smiley-laughing

If you mean the lines at both sides of the road... Those lines have two meanings Steve. First reason: it's for paddle bikes. Second reason, it's to show it's a 60km/u road.

Ok, are you allowed to use the whole road? It seems you were on the left side at times.

What's allowed Steve... LOL... We have to ride at the right side by law, but.... I'm sorry, I'll be more careful next time oke? Smiley-winkSmiley-laughing

That answers my question about the lines. Nice video Gert. Nice soft music as well

Excellant as always. When will the tulip fields be in blossom? That has to be amazing.

Really liked that video with that song, just for a moment in time I escaped to your world buddy.......Thanks for that, I'm thinking about you friend.......

If I had Bird there, she would be getting all bloated up at 60 km/hr, that is more the Rebel's purring speed.
Do you have any wildlife to worry about running out from the forested area you road through?

You have funny roads there Gert.... LOL. Everything is starting to get green, thanks for the ride and nice song.

Edwin, the first tulips fields can be there any moment. It's a few days a bit warmer and the whole nature is changing very fast. notmaly the time is somewhere between mid April till the end of May,...

Randy, yes... We do have some wildlife here in Holland. But it's not the same as in Australia, USA, Canada or even the more northern countries off Europe. We do have rabbits, deer, wild pigs, foxes.... But that's it more or less. Once I hit a deer with my car. Glad it didn't happen with my bike!

About the speed. More and more it's a 60km/u road in Holland, sure ther still are 80 km/ roads and we have the highways, some are 100 or 120, (depends on the time of the day and if there are houses nearby!!) most of them130km/u. Maybe because it is what it is, I'm used to ride those 60km/u roads and I'm really not a fast rider. I enjoy my rides mostly as a lonely rider, so I can do it on my own way. That's not by riding fast I can tell you! Just watching around, enjoy the views, the smell of fresh air, stop whenever I want... taking my time... That's how I like my rides Randy, no speeding for me, not even on the highway, around 100 is oke for me...

My friend Porky rode his Sporster into a mule deer. Ended the deer and nearly him. I've seen Moose, bear, elk, bison antelope, aligator and deer standing in the road besides the smaller critters. I'll ride the same as you Gert.

nice vid and ride Gert ...hope the riding weather keeps up for you and its not a false start to the riding season.

Nice vid Gert , looks like a very peaceful ride mate , just what you needed . Not sure about your road lanes and how they work , must be a shared thing . One thing always stays the same in your vids , not much trafic .

Hitting a small fox can cause just as much if not more damage than a deer. It all depends on what happens after the initial impact, whether you stay upright or not.

I know the roads Mike, I don't choose the roads with loads of traffic if I don't have to...

You're right Randy, and yes... we do have some wildlife, at some places maybe even too much! Specially deer and wild pigs...

Gert ... "sanglier" ?

Yes, and female and those little striped youngsters when the time is there Peter!

Do you take it home to eat if you "accidentally" kill one?

It's not allowed by law and it can make it a bit more difficult to get some money from the insurance, but... It is good meat! So, that moment it happened to me, I did.....

Valerie should know about wild pigs. You won't want to be eating any there if they poison them. Not good. They should just put a bounty on them and let people hunt them out.

Great ride Gert. Loved the music and the beautiful green.
Yes Randy we have a lot of wild hogs here. They are a real problem to the farmers

Has anyone ever wathed American Hoggers?

No, I didn't know them, never seen before Edwin...

Might have to watch an episode or two to see how it compares to the swamp people going after gators.

Keep the vids coming Gert. I've got a few weeks to go before I can ride again.

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